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Thread: Caprese Cake

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    Caprese Cake

    Caprese Cake


    For the cake:
    100g whole blanched almonds
    50g caster sugar
    1 whole egg
    5 eggs separated
    160g caster sugar
    265g dark chocolate, melted
    50g chopped almonds

    For the topping:

    70g water
    90g caster sugar
    30g cocoa powder
    25g liquid glucose
    2 gelatine sheets (approximately)
    2.4g candied lemons or chopped almonds, to decorate


    Caprese Cake – t5post

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    Re: Caprese Cake

    Caprese Cake (Torta Caprese) is a typical dessert of the Neapolitan tradition. In the initial recipe, the main ingredients are: dark chocolate and almonds. This is my unique recipe. For those who love dark chocolate strong taste.

    3 eggs
    200 g (7 oz) almonds (peeled)
    150 g (5,2 oz) white sugar

    250 g (8,8 oz) dark chocolate
    150 g (2,5 oz) butter

    1/2 cup of milk
    icing sugar for decoration


    1. Gradually burn the butter and candy in a dual furnace
    2. Individual the yolks from the white wines, defeat the egg yolks with sugar
    3. Beat the egg white wines up
    4. Allow to awesome the candy with previously dissolved butter
    5. Add chopped nuts and dairy to the defeated egg yolks
    6. Mix very well and add chocolate
    7. Lastly add pulled egg white wines and stir slowly
    8. Add the combination into a low, wide pan, with wax cooking document on it
    9. Level the combination and prepare it into your stove at 180 levels for about 40 minutes
    10. Let awesome and spread with frosting glucose. Provide with berries
    11. vanilla flavor ice lotion or pulled lotion according to flavor or the season.

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