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    Question Need help!! Swensens Ice Cream Cake

    Hi guys!

    Planning to get an ice cream cake from Swensens but want to try something new other than sticky chewy chocolate.

    What do you guys think is a good flavour combination with salted gula Melaka?

    To be honest I haven’t tried that flavour before, but reading reviews, I’m convinced it tastes good.

    Other flavours:
    Macadamia nut
    Salted butterscotch crumble
    Cookies n cream

    I made an account just to ask all of your opinion because I’m that desperate. Hahaha
    Looking forward to your replies!

    P.S. Birthday boy doesn’t like nuts, coffee, mint. Likes sweet but not too sweet, hence the salted gula Melaka.

    Also, how would you describe the flavours for the salted gula Melaka and salted butterscotch crumble?
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