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    Herbal medicine for people with Obesity

    1:There are different types of bariatric surgery, including gastric sleeve, gastric band, and gastric bypass surgery.There is no need to go in for all these surgeries again. They all have side effects on you or your patient's. There is a new Herbal product now that will help you loose weight for only a fraction of the price you will have to pay for any of the above mentioned surgical procedures. This Herbal product has help my brother and a lot of other patient's i know . I only decided to make it public now because i know the benefits and i have seen a lot of patient's get second chances .These herbs are harvested all through the African continent. So we took 7 years to have all the right herbs shipped to our Home in Berlin. But due to restrictions put in place, we can not market them as drugs unless we go through administrative-bottlenecks because we can not see other people suffering and families or family member's loosing love once to early . Or some disease they say is incurable because organizations are making billions from them. So we will give each they assistance and let God handle the rest. These herbs were giving by God to treat and heal us from diseases. Watch out for what you eat and drink,most of these products are not good for health generally.

    2:People also affected by obesity related illnesses or have these illnesses can also get treatment guaranteed.Will put the list below;

    Heart disease and stroke.
    High blood pressure.
    Gallbladder disease and gallstones.

    We are only going to help 3000 people worldwide,we could create a blog,page,or YouTube channel.But there will be to many people in need of treatment, and we can not help everyone.Putting the information on forums will bring the right people and the mentioned number of patient's. So this information will be in these countries listed below for now;

    Czech Republic







    NOTE:When contacting,Specify the illness,and we will send you a form to fill and resend via

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    Re: Herbal medicine for people with Obesity

    how about the new weight loss balloon thing? if i'm gonna eat something i might as well eat that

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