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    Melon, cucumber & blackberries salad

    Its take only 10 minutes for preparation.

    1 cucumber
    1 melon
    50 g. peeled almonds
    1 sprig of fresh mint
    40 g. of Asiago Italian cheese

    Cut & Split melon then remove seeds & the peel, then cut the pulp into pieces. Cucumber, remove the green outer part and cut it into little cubes. Cut also Asiago cheese into little pieces.

    The pieces of cucumber, melon, blackberries & the toasted almonds, Asiago and some fresh mint leaves are put into the one bowl.

    Serve it at the end of the meal & enjoy your summer fruits salad!

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    Re: Melon, cucumber & blackberries salad

    Good le, very detailed I might try this. hehe

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    Re: Melon, cucumber & blackberries salad

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmine11 View Post
    Good le, very detailed I might try this. hehe
    Yes, u can try this... and tell me the result.

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