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Thread: Vegetarian Food

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    Vegetarian Food

    any good recommendations for vegetarian food in singapore? price range too thank you

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    Re: Vegetarian Food

    Saute is a really good and classy cafe. Located at Bugis Cube level 2, the food price ranges from $5 plus to $15/-
    A fair price for veg food as most of the time vegan food can be expensive.
    Do check out their website

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    Re: Vegetarian Food

    thanks alot! ive been researching online and there seems to be a vegetarian community on facebook. recommending all vege friends to search for it on facebook

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    Re: Vegetarian Food


    Gokul Restaurant: Bright and clean, this restaurant has over 500 food options (including Indian). It is a very popular joint, so try to make a reservation.

    Must try food: The Manchurian Fried Rice, Vegetarian Char Kway Teow and the Chilli Chicken with mock meat would even convert a non-vegetarian! The portions are large and perfectly spiced.

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